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"Are you looking for safe, natural remedies for asthma that actually work? Do you want to be naturally free from your asthma symptoms? I promise that you certainly can have absolute respite from asthma and breathe freely again."

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If you suffer from asthma and think you’ve tried out everything to effectively get control of it and failed, then leave whatever you are doing at the moment, unplug the phone and pay close attention, because this may be the most important letter you ever read!

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following?

Feeling Tired, Easily Upset, irritable, stifled, or temperamental.

Annoyed of being exhausted or weak all day long?

Shortness of Breath or Losing your Breath Easily.
Recurrent Cough, Especially at Night.
Uncomfortable Wheezing or Coughing Easily.
Constant Decreases or Changes in your Lung Function.

Signs of a Cold or Allergies.

Sneezing, Runny Nose, Cough, Nasal Congestion, Sore Throat, and Headache.

Chest Tightness, Pain, or Pressure.

Troubled Sleeping or Insomnia.

Regular Asthma Attacks.

Don’t worry, I can help you with all of your above problems!

You have been told for ages that there is no cure for asthma symptoms and that you will have to live with the terrible effects of asthma until the day you die. But this simply isn’t the fact!

I want to share with you the powerful methods that I discovered through months of research that helped me, and many others, to cure our asthma quickly and permanently!

From the desk of William Gerbert

Dear Friend,

This is my story!

Hello. My name is William Gerbert and up until just last year, I suffered from regular asthma attacks. Asthma prevented me from performing any of my tasks properly. It even made my professional life difficult.

All these symptoms due to asthma further escalated into asthma attacks, and took over my life! I started to feel unfit most of the time and often tried to act fit & healthy amongst my social circle. I tried to avoid physical activities as much as possible such as weekend outings or friendly sports competitions, etc.

I was afraid that my friends and family would see me in the middle of a severe asthma attack. To be seen gasping at the end of an inhaler would be social suicide! I gradually mastered the art of avoiding asthma triggers.

Everything was getting affected for me, my job, my family life, my social life and my innate confidence as the FEAR of the next asthma attack seemed to loom over everything.

But What Could I Do Except Deal With Asthma Attacks When They Happened?

I had always been told that my asthma could not be cured, that it was something I would have to “just manage” for the rest of my life. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I ever even thought that it was possible for ME to live WITHOUT ASTHMA.

Finally I Decided to Fight Back…

I got fed up of living an incomplete life with restraints following me in whatever work I do, wherever I go.  So I thought, there has to be something, ANYTHING, that could at least tame my asthma, even if just for a short period.

I commenced my research,……… vehemently.

I acquainted myself closely with the librarians at the local university’s medical library as I scoured medical journals, doctoral thesis reports, and all kinds of books on asthma.

To be frank with, there was a very high learning curve. At first it took me almost an hour just to read and understand just one page because of all of the medical jargon I was presented with. Thankfully the research skills I had learned through my profession as an R&D engineer really helped me work through the mountains of material before me.

Slowly, It Began Falling Into Place…

After about a couple of months, I started to notice a pattern. It was like all of these doctors and researchers were functioning in their own little slots. Each research report only focused on one individual aspect of asthma.


It became clear that I wasn’t going to stumble upon some great nugget of truth that would solve my problem.

But I was finding some REALLY MIND-BLOWING research on asthma. So my new task became to fit together all of these fragments of knowledge and then test them by creating a checklist that I could test on myself to see if I could succeed where the doctors and experts failed, by CURING my asthma.

After finding so much AMAZING research on asthma, I started to wonder why the drug companies and doctors weren’t using this research to help people with asthma. As I started to dig through the information,

I was HORRIFIED at what I found…

Drug Companies’ Shady Business strategies and how their Products Can HARM You.

Drug companies do not primarily concern about your best interests when it comes to treating your asthma. They would much rather make a lot of moolah by offering you drugs that help you “live with” this chronic asthma for a lifetime.

Manipulative Tactics used by the drug company:

  • By maintaining lifelong customers, just like the tobacco companies, because they are vastly more valuable then those who take a drug that cures them once and for all.

  • By calculating how much MONEY they can get from consumers reliant on their drugs over a lifetime.

  • By investing a lot of money towards marketing prescription drugs to doctors and even helping pay for doctors’ educational expenses in some cases.

Every year the FDA issues dozens of recalls on prescription drugs and we all point the finger at the evil drug company but accept that the drug itself was just a helpless victim that was not sinister. And the drug companies prefer it exactly this way!

They succeed in keeping everyone’s minds right where the drug companies want them believing that prescription drugs are the only way to properly treat a medical problem.

I Began to Experiment With Different Treatments…

Through my research I understood that Asthma drugs can probably even double your risk for heart attacks!!!

The steroids used to treat severe asthma can impair your body’s ability to regenerate, which negatively affects your internal organs and your brain.

So I decided to put the methods that I have learnt to proper use instead of depending on the prescription drugs. Firstly, I found a few little tricks that really helped ease my asthma attacks quickly. I discovered a number of foods played a big role in the increase in asthma attacks that always seems to fall around the holidays as most of these foods I ate around the winter holidays.

Previously, I had simply assumed it was just due to stress!

Then I really started to focus my asthma cure checklist. I made some important changes around the house. After a few weeks of these changes, I was able to sleep better at night.

I also put a lot of focus on diet.

Some doctors will tell you that, minus a few really bad foods, diet really has no affect on asthma. But this is far away from the truth! I had preformed a lot of additional research in whole foods diets and it seemed to be working for me. I felt stronger and was involving myself in more activities because my asthma attacks didn’t really feel like attacks anymore, they felt more like minor hindrances.

Finally after months of experimenting and creating a system of natural treatment for myself, I was able to have an asthma-free weekend without having to carry my inhaler around.

I realized that for the first time in a long, long while, I wasn’t “living with” asthma!

Though I had been following and perfecting my asthma treatment system, I became even more inspired to stick to this new system.

Because of these treatment methods, my performance at work had dramatically increased as I had an increase in energy and focus from not being weighed down by a bunch of prescription drugs.

I was even becoming more social and started participating in casual sports! I have almost stopped using my inhaler, maybe used it once or twice since the asthma-free weekend. It was something I had dreamt of when I suffered from asthma all those years and now these natural treatment methods have made it a reality. Now I want this to be your reality too…

How Do You Plan to Deal With Your Asthma for the Rest of Your Life?

Ø  Do you want to keep continuing, with drugs and steroids?

Ø  By avoiding the outdoors, family activities, or your favorite foods?

Ø  By tip toeing around for years, hoping to avoid attacks?

For many years, this is all I thought I could do. That was, until I discovered a way to CURE ASTHMA COMPLETELY!

Yes! You can live an asthma free life! I know you have been told for years that asthma is a chronic condition with no cure, but I have uncovered the research that the drug companies don’t want you to know about.

I am so happy to be able to share my cure with someone just like you. Since curing my own asthma, I have shared my methods with countless others and have heard the EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS others have experienced. I felt that I had no choice but to share my remarkable discovery so that others suffering from asthma could experience the freedom from asthma that many are already enjoying every day.

Introducing: “Simple Natural Cures For Asthma”…

The natural, holistic, step-by-step system that’s 100% guaranteed to wholly liberate you from the bondage imposed by asthma attacks with lightning quick results with complete guarantee of no recurrence of the dreaded Asthma!

Discover How This Practical, Powerful Guide Can Help You

  • Breathe Clearly Without Wheezing or Chest Tightness

  • Avoid Asthma Symptoms and Attacks

  • Reduce Inflammation and Airway Constriction

  • Build Up Your Lung Power, Vital Capacity and Health

  • Decrease or Eliminate the Need for Drugs and Inhalers

  • Eliminate Restrictions on Your Activities and Enjoyment of Life

Here Is A Glimpse of What You Will Learn In the “Simple Natural Cures for Asthma”

  • The most important changes you HAVE to make inside your home that will reduce your asthma symptoms immediately.
  • The simple everyday products you already have in your home that can improve your lung function

  • The formula for a simple, powerful natural beverage that stops asthma symptoms and prevents them from returning

  • How some of the things asthma sufferers are told to avoid actually make your asthma worse.

  • Everyday items in your home that are triggering your asthma attacks

  • The absolute best herbs and natural supplements to cure your asthma!

And much, much more….

“Simple Natural Cures for Asthma is an easy to understand, potent System That Will Heal Your Asthma Forever...”

I created my program in laymen's terms and with simplicity in mind. All that's needed is a little bit of work for your asthma to disappear...for life.

You'll Get...

  • A safe, natural asthma treatment that's based on proven medical research.

  • To breath easily, deeply and naturally without coughing and congestion.

  • Free from the dangers of asthma drugs.

  • Lifelong freedom from severe asthma symptoms.

  • An affordable and effective cure.
  • The ability to strengthen your entire respiratory system.

  • Finally live an active and healthy lifestyle.

“An incredible deal for an Asthma Free Life”

Now, ask yourself this... How much would you pay to have a normal life free from asthma?

Would you pay $1,000? $2,000? $5,000? More?

Well, if you've spent a considerable amount of time going to doctors, paying for prescriptions and useless over-the-counter medications, it's safe to say that over the years, you've paid ...much more than those sums! I sure did!

So, you'll be glad to know, as a long-time sufferer myself, I would never charge you what this program is really worth.
The Holistic Methods & Systematic Natural Remedies Compiled Into This guide Are Priceless...

"Simple Natural Cures for Asthma" gives you all the very best advice and tips on getting rid of your asthma and asthma related attacks in one easy-to-use resource guide.

Why spend hours and hours tracking down information that may or may not be reliable when you can learn everything you need to know about beating this dreaded disease - and I do mean everything - in one convenient, inexpensive guide?

The cost of Simple Natural Cures for Asthma is far less than one dose of medication or a trip to your doctor.

Pick up your copy of this effective report right now and start to feel the difference within 24 hours.

A Rare Opportunity for You to Change Your Life

Allow me just spread the facts out for you. Just a few seconds ago, you were lost in the tiring symptoms of asthma and understood that it is gradually eating away your life’s comfort.

But now you’ve a new green path, a new shining light.

You know that asthma isn’t something that you have to live with for the rest of your life…that the distress felt by you can be utterly wiped out in the shortest of intervals.

You have, deep down in your heart, wished for a solution…and now it has magically appeared right in front of you.

Do Not Waste Time to “Contemplate”

As I can very well empathize with your position, I want you to order my program without an iota of skepticism or fear.

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Think about it (or don’t if you ask me, just order it). $9.97 is frankly peanuts when compared to what you’ve been expending for the countless medications and doctor’s consultation charges.

Take Action Now, Here is What You Should Do Right Now

You have two clear choices, either suffer silently in constant annoyance due to debilitating symptoms and lead a stressed, restricted life, or, take action right now and order this wonderful system to get back the life you fully deserve.

Seems an easy choice to me if I was in your position.

Press the “order now” button now. Book your copy at the earliest. Then watch you life get better as you use the system. Seems to be a no-brainer isn’t it? It is really!

Wish you a happy and asthma free life. Get back to tasting the food you love minus the burning pain.

William Gerbert.

PS I hope that you’re not thinking too much on the price. It’s under 10 bucks! That’s less than the price of a lunch. Nothing when compared with a lifetime of pain and agony.

PPS Remember, this offer will NOT last. I’m only offering the price so low to get the word out. After that, it’ll go back to $19.97 permanently. So just order now!